Happy Wife, Happy Life (Among Other Things)

It’s the third week of September. I’m still tired, but I’m alive. It’s been hell at the corporate gig lately, but my worst days there were my best days at previous employers. With that being said, relevancy is much important mixed with a little bit of introspection. Stress is still stress and my body seems to react to it the same whether it’s waking up in the middle of the night wondering if Rey from Star Wars is actually going to the darkside or getting denied a readjustment on your student loans by a customer service representative. I’m just grateful that my “problems” are often minute in scale to real shit some people have to go through. It’s like getting annoyed at making a decision for dinner versus someone struggling to round up change to have dinner. First world problems versus real world problems. 

This past weekend was one to remember (or not, depending on your level of drinking). The Mrs. and I were kid-free and we made the most of our time. Well… she did through starting her sorority year off right with the first chapter meeting. I engaged in some debauchery. You know, playtime with my mistresses (see previous posts). I still have time to find Jesus’ salvation, because my fraternal year doesn’t start for two weeks. To all my chapter bruhs reading this, I’ll definitely be at the first meeting. Speaking of the Divine 9, my better half and I got to kick it with some of her line sisters and their husbands. Two of the gentlemen are Kappas, but I don’t hold that against them. “Some of my best friends are [Kappas]!” We hit up the Eastside beltline and had the opportunity to patron many of the spots. I’m very appreciative of the group for indulging my nerdiness by taking a trip to Axis Replay. The spot is a one of a kind establishment with gaming stations and office space available for renting. What the experiences of that night taught me, is that people definitely come into your life for a season, reason, and a lifetime. I’m always up for engaging with folks with similar mindsets and aspirations. Most importantly, I love having fun with the people in my life who nurture my ambitions and put things into perspective for me. 

These lack of certain obstacles have been the end result of how I grew up. My parents worked hard to provide for my brothers and me. They ensured that we not only afforded the things that we needed, but some of the things that we wanted. These things I speak of weren’t always material in that regard. It was often time and energy. Those are all the things that I want to continue to provide to my spouse and children. I certainly can’t make the three of them happy, because that’s an intrinsic feeling, but I can create an environment that fosters that happiness. I have the ability to secure this habitat for them without sacrificing my well-being in the process. Because who wants to be that grumpy old man that continues to annoy their wife and children with the compromises they’ve made to ensure their financial and emotional prosperity? I love seeing Julia, Zora, and Garvey happy, while ensuring my own aspirations are actualized. It’s a balance that must happen. Shout out to Thanos! A balance that requires a willing partner and someone equally invested and yoked. Using that last word harkens me to the days when I wanted to be a minister. Something else that I’ll save for my memoir. That aside, I often do temperature checks with the fam to ensure I’m fulfilling my obligations. I shot a text to Julia earlier this afternoon asking, “anything I can do to make your life happier?” Her response was just slightly surprising, but enough for confirmation that I’m on the right path. Her text was, “the fact that I can’t think about anything off the top of my head is a good thing.” I consider that a 3-pointer from half-court with the game on the line. Steph Curry eat your heart out! Things change and people change just as fast. It’ll be important for me to adjust and listen more than anything. I’m still upset God gave children the ability to talk. I guess it’s necessary. My ears are open though.