New Year's Eve Babies

It’s week 41 in the year of our Lord 2019. If you haven’t completed your New Year’s resolutions, then you still have time. Q4 is for winners and presumably anyone reading this post is a winner. Q4 also ushers in some of the greatest people that have graced this blue and green sphere in space, Libras. Yours truly was actually born on October 5th, which holds the distinction of being the most popular birthday due our parents doing the nasty on New Year’s Eve. Now that I’ve sullied your imaginations with unthinkable images, I’m finally coming off my high which is my 36th birthday. This year was extremely low-key and I was very deliberate in that regard. I didn’t party, I didn’t have any libations. And I was absolutely happy not doing either. The Mrs. treated me to a self-care day at Jeju Spa which included plenty of time in the saunas and jacuzzis, while capping things off getting a massage, body scrub, and pedicure. I was in the middle of relaxation just to get my stress levels back up while sitting in Friday afternoon Atlanta traffic. Something I could potentially write several paragraphs about. I’ll save that for another day and another blog post. Saturday, my actual birthday, was spent mainly enjoying the company of my favorite person in the world. I even started the day off right with a run (more to come on running in the future) and had lunch with a smoking hot date at Pijiu Belly in West Midtown. If you ever get a chance to frequent that restaurant, then I recommend ordering the Yangnyeom Chicken. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Back to writing that actually matters. Excuse everything I said in the last two weeks concerning one Franklin Saint. I was definitely wrong about broadie. Having binged seasons 1 and 2 of Snowfall and now in the middle of season 3, our protagonist has grown on me, but still makes some silly mistakes. Regardless, this has been one of my favorite programs on FX and that’s saying a lot. Looking at you The Americans and Atlanta. John Singleton (rest in power) and the rest of the creators, cast, and producers have some unique that showcases drug trafficking in a way where it’s not only relatable, but realistic. Unlike, our favorite weekly hood drama, Power. I still love this show, but I’m just counting down each episode knowing that the bane of my existence, Tariq St. Patrick, will not be meeting his untimely demise. I wonder if this is a ploy by the showrunner to get us so close to satisfaction, but leave us with a serious case of character death blue balls. 

Word of advice to anyone reading this that dates a man, married to a man, or just has a man in your life somehow, leave us alone until December 24th. And I only say the day before Christmas, because you should at least check-in to see if we bought those damn Ryan’s World Giant Egg Surprises or the Hatchimals Jewelry Box. Other than that, leave us alone all of Q4. This season is specifically designed for men in mind. Particularly in October, we have the convergence of four sports all happening at the same time. We have Major League Soccer playoffs, international soccer if full force, Major League Baseball playoffs, the beginning of the NBA season, and even the CTE network, better known as the NFL. With so much sports all happening at the same time, men need to be selective about how they spend their time in these most precious moments. On top of that, Q4 is when all of the best video games are released. With these competing demands, time management is of the utmost importance. So good readers, do the world a favor and leave the men in your lives alone for this quarter. Sure you can check on them during Thanksgiving, only if you’re offering them the corner side of macaroni and cheese your aunt with the clubfoot makes every year. Other than that, gives us the space to flourish in our most sacred time of the year.