Real House Husbands Of Atlanta

Vol. 1, No. 17, May 7th, 2021

As someone that has been working from home since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, in March of 2020, I admit that I do not envy the plight of the working mother. After my wife’s job called for her to return to the office, I found myself at home working a full-time job and ensuring two kids we’re getting everything they needed from education, nourishment, and attention. Admittedly, some days were more challenging than others and with no true escape I found myself relying on a lot of the lessons learned through my countless therapy sessions. Giving myself grace that some things just wouldn’t be accomplished on certain days and increasing tablet time saved my sanity.

What I’ve realized in this year of working remotely, working mothers have it hard as fuck. I don’t know how any of them do it. I’m usually exhausted and checked out by 2pm each day and I haven’t even gone through half of what moms do that actually have to leave home. Is this the hidden effort women undertake that we men refuse to acknowledge? If so, let’s not only pay women at equitable salaries, but bring forward the fact that they take on more responsibilities once they clock out of the role that actually makes them money.

Pre-pandemic I stepped my game up more around the house just to ensure that I’m contributing an equal amount as my wife. There are a few responsibilities that I take on that don’t seem too gendered to me that some husbands would probably balk at the thought of doing. For instance, I do all of the household laundry. I actually enjoy it (folding included). We play off our strengths in certain areas and sometimes hold fast to some gendered tasks (my wife ain’t taking out the trash). I usually prepare breakfast and since the kids are at home with me, I’m preparing lunch as well. It’s gotten to the point where the kids bypass their mom on the weekends and hit me up for their meal desires. Who knew these little fucking crumb snatchers could eat so much? Regardless, many of us modern fathers are taking more of an active role in the household to balance the load.

As many parts of the world continue to go back to at least a portion of normalcy, I wonder what the workforce will look like in the foreseeable future. Will companies continue to allow employees flexible options on where and how they work? Will we see the four-day work week come into fruition? What opportunities are there for workers (especially moms) on the front line to have more of a balance between life at home and their careers? I don’t have any of these answers, yet culturally my friends (those of us that are fathers) can shift the narrative of what it means to be a dad in the United States. We have a massive opportunity, not only to lessen the burden on our spouses, but lead by example for our sons.

As we near Mother’s Day, it’s important that we show the same amount of reverence and effort to working moms we do on that day year round. I’m proud to be a (working) house husband. As progressive as I feel I am, there’s no way in this life or the next will I be a full-time house husband. Call me old-fashioned, but my father and all of the men in my life have always worked. Even as I hold on to some of my more conservative values, I need to acknowledge the men out there stepping up and willing to be uncomfortable to ensure their families succeed. Cheers to my fellow house husbands, let us unite under the banner of crying toddlers and peanut butter sandwiches (because we forgot to buy the jelly).

Justice Or Just Us

Stolen artifacts from Nigeria will be returned by Germany

In an effort of reconciliation from colonization, Germany will be returning thousands of artworks stolen in 1897 from the Kingdom of Benin. These artworks and countless others from museums around Europe and the United States will be gradually returned to their rightful owners in west Africa. Additionally, there are plans for a forthcoming museum in Nigeria to house many of the stolen artifacts.

Business Moves

First Black-owned brewery in Atlanta opens

Atlanta now has its first Black-owned brewery courtesy of married couple, Clarence and Donnica Boston. The couple opened Hippin Hops Brewery in East Atlanta recently with an assortment of beer on tap and a New Orleans-inspired menu. The Bostons have plans on opening two more breweries in the Atlanta-area.

What I’m Listening To

You definitely know the weather is getting warmer when certain music artists release music. This week I’ve been listening to a person that’s co-owned the spring/summer season for quite a while. Recently, DJ Khaled released his much-anticipated album, Khaled Khaled, with a plethora of guests. Stand out tracks from the album include, “THANKFUL”, “THIS MY YEAR”, SORRY NOT SORRY”, and “I CAN HAVE IT ALL”.


According to the latest report from Chicago’s Office of the Inspector General, Black men in the city of Chicago were targeted by police more often than anyone else from 2017 to 2020. The report found that overwhelmingly the targets of police search warrants were for Black men, who were 25.3 times more often to be targeted than white men.

“The function of freedom is to free someone else.” - Toni Morrison