Red Tables and Red Cups

It’s been a solid week for me thus far. I had one of those weekends with absolutely no social obligations. Just mainly the kids and I kicking it on Saturday. On Sunday we had an opportunity to binge the second season of Mindhunter. This season focuses on the Atlanta child murders that occurred between 1979 and 1981. If you’re into psychological thrillers, serial killers, and the FBI, you’ll enjoy Mindhunter. That aside, Sundays with warm weather are meant for our favorite hood drama, Power. Fam… this last episode was a difficult one. By the time you’re reading this post, you all should have watched it, so I’m not spoiling anything. Our ride or die attorney, did the latter with more holes in his body than the ones in you ex-boyfriend’s stories. And who pray tell got him express VIP access to our Lord and Savior? None other than our favorite psychopath, Tommy “mother-loving” Egan. Never thought I’d say this, but Tommy has to die! He took it too far this time and now poor Elisa Marie has to go live with Benny the Butcher. See what I did there? Rap nerds will get it. I’m looking forward to subsequent episodes, but I’m all out of dry cries for characters. 

With the Mrs. gone for most of Saturday at a Mother’s conference held by our good friend Kiesha (@pushthrubox), the crumb snatchers and I were left to our own devices. Y’all know what that means. We binged on Netflix, college football, and junk food. My stomach punished me terrible for the mistakes of my mind. The older I get, the less my body is tolerant to things that don’t make it better. I definitely know better, I just have to do better. Speaking of health, lead me to one of the highlights of my week. I had an opportunity to check out this week’s Red Table Talk featuring the entire Smith clan. This particular episode revolved around the patriarch of the family, Will Smith, calling for an emergency family meeting to discuss their health. In the chat, they discussed eating habits, alcohol consumption, medicine, and bowel movements. It was interesting to get insights on things related to health that celebrities struggle with. What resonated with me the most was the importance of the entire family being honest with each other concerning their well-being. Check out the episode when you get a chance. Watch it by yourself and with loved ones. It’s informative, but most importantly relatable. I write this as I’m munching on organic sweet potato tortilla chips and queso, as I wash it all down with a ginger kombucha. Aye, at least two out of three things are right for me. Small steps y’all, small steps.

Marriage, partnership, or secret long-term pact among friends, whatever you decide to call your relationship, I feel it’s important to be transparent with your spouse concerning your health or family history of medical issues. Not in an intrusive way, where you’re demanding exact blood count numbers, but more in a sense where you’re both discussing if you’re sickle cell trait carriers.  Being sickle cell trait carriers is potentially something gravely important with couples of color who are thinking about having children. There’s other things to consider like mental health and substance abuse. I’m not advocating that you share health information with a fling or even a relationship you feel will be short-lived, but it’s important to share info with your partner in a long-term relationship. You never know when a health crisis could occur and how potentially serious it would be. It’s best to have your homey/lover/friend be prepared for the worst and support your through any ordeal you two may face.